Storm Boy : English Movie (2019)



strom boy



Production company/interntaional sales: Ambience Entertainment

Australian distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing

Producers: Michael Boughen, Matthew Street

Screenplay: Justin Monjo, based on the book by Colin Thiele

Cinematography: Bruce Young

Editing: Denise Haratzis

Music: Alan John

Production design: Melinda Doring

Main cast: Finn Little, Jai Courtney, Trevor Jamieson, Geoffrey Rush, Morgana Davies, Erik Thomson


                                Strom Boy

Early within the film we discover that Michael’s stoic father lives in a very constant state of deep regret thanks to a family tragedy he might have prevented.

His relationship with archangel suffers as he pursues drinking rather than healing.

Soon, a lonely archangel rescues associate degree unparented pelecaniform seabird he names mister.

Percival and finds nice joy in caring for it. within the method of raising the bird, archangel and his daddy grow nearer.

However, within the interior of their happiness, tragedy strikes once more, and archangel angrily abandons his relationship

along with his father—something he deeply regretted later in life.

a few years later, archangel tells this uncommon story to his grandchild in hopes that she won’t create an equivalent mistake.

The film ends with hope as Michael’s grandchild is inspired to repair her relationship together with her own father.


Storm Boy is about in Australia, and each the past and gift storylines inside the film upset similar themes of conservation.

I suppose that the film may well be referred to as Associate in Nursing environmental drama,

however not like several films during this genre, it will such a lot over merely push Associate in Nursing agenda for environmentalism’s sake.

Rather, Storm Boy speaks of fine post, not solely of the nature, however of relationships and ideals additionally.

It speaks of building deep connections with nature et al. that ar deeply satisfying instead of active smart post exclusively to avoid negative consequences.

It’s a unique a lot of powerful quite environmentalism that stems from personal transformation.

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